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10th March 2011

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25th February 2011


ellethenerd said: http://theimmortalwisdomofnathanyoung.tumblr.com/post/2075934663

please!!!!!!!!!! Which episode was this? I have no recollection of it at all! *is cry*

It’s from this clip:



25th February 2011

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19th February 2011

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19th February 2011


waytoocooltobeamuggle said: Hey :) Do you have that gif of Nathan making that 'no' face when Simon is telling all names he called him?
I don't know how to explain and I can't find it anywhere -__-

I don’t, sorry :(

Can anyone else help?

17th February 2011

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Nathan and Barry star in Twilight.
And improve it drastically

Nathan and Barry star in Twilight.

And improve it drastically

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15th February 2011

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14th February 2011

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14th February 2011

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13th February 2011

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13th February 2011

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12th February 2011

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30th January 2011

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23rd January 2011

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18th January 2011

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